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Q: Why don't you have reviews or demos of pedals on your website?
A: There are many websites out there that post reviews, demos, and/or sound clips of pedals, which may or may not influence your decision on whether to purchase a particular box. Since I'm not      trying to sell you anything, I decided to focus on simply providing information about stompboxes, new and vintage, and leave you to make your own decisions.

Q: Why are there so many f***ing banner ads on the website?
A: Since StompBox Resource is a FREE website, the banner ads help to pay for web hosting, bandwidth and associated expenses. Unfortunately, few things in life are truly free...

Q: Do you sell any of the pedals on the website?
A: No, I am not in the business of selling gear. If you are interested in purchasing pedals I would suggest you check out an online music website if you are looking for one of the newer pedals or an      online auction site if you are looking for a vintage box.

Q: Do you own or have you used all of the pedals on your website?
A: While I own quite a few boxes of all sorts, I don't and would never claim to have first-hand experience with all of the pedals listed on the website. My goal for this website is mainly to provide      information and data about various guitar/bass effects pedals. I believe that if you are armed with accurate information you will be more able to make informed decisions about which      stompboxes you choose to purchase. My personal feeling about effects pedals is that there are no bad pedals, just bad (incorrect or inappropriate) applications of pedals.

Q: What can you tell me about modded pedals?
A: Not much. I've decided to focus mainly on "stock" pedals as these are obviously the foundation for all modified pedal designs. If you need info on pedal mods, check out the Links page for      links to some popular modders.

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